Jason Dexter

Jason Dexter

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First Name * Jason
Last Name * Dexter
Username * JDex
Country * USA
City Providence
Nationality Yankee
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


My former profession involved drafting, infrastructure design and management. Way back in, oh I guess 2002, for various reasons I gave all of that up and went back to school to develop long forgotten skills in photography and art.

I started out in a Multimedia program planning to focus on 3D, but after the signature was on the line, the school eliminated the 3D program so I was stuck with choosing another path in the field, which was general multimedia principles. It was a bore and came far too easiliy for me so I chose to learn 3D on my own along side of the schooling.

I spent a few years as an independent student focusing on various aspects of production art for film... learning a lot in a vacuum with guidance from a few industry folk and a few great communities such as CGSociety and the Pixel Corps. After a great, but exhausting 19 months at Cinemanix Productions, I've found the need to take it a bit easier for a while.